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Get Up
Get Up Get Up
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Get Up
is a banger! It starts out with two hard-hitting Dn'B tracks, 180 Promo and Twizzler, and then heads into a lively big beat excursion on Discovery Park 01/03/04. Then it gets a little more subtle on the Dn'B track Edgewood. I go political with two heavy vocal tracks, Money Money and One Nation. Funky Indah is a bouncy funk number that is sure to make your head bob. Utrechtseweg is a 5/4 romp that's quite nice, but otherwise hard to describe. Then it's onto some solid big beat with the enjoyable Wok Fry Me Some. Rise offers up some 80's angst, and then it's down to business with Thrombosis, Grinder, and Sick Dog: all big, fast, heavy Dn'B bangers that lead to a crushing crescendo that's sure to get you up!
Get Down
Get Down is a nice n' easy sequel to Get Up. Things start off solid with the glitchy funk of Gammawrong, and then slide right into epic taiko drums and downbeat hip-hop on Beat Down. Grace Renshaw drops by to lend her considerable vocal talent to Leaves, and then we go right into Bounce, a lengthy exploration into the bouncy side of house. Then Roll Dub and 3 Red Bags present some straight-forward big beats. The vocals on the mellow ballad Comfort lead nicely into the way-chill dub of Spider Comfort, and then we fall even lower into the groove with the love-sweet Honey. Get the ball rolling again with the blissful house numbers Van Gogh Clouds and Tabaksplant. Crystal Claire and The Process of Doubt kick it up into a little late-night Dn'B, and then everything draws to a dreamy close with the ultra-chilled melodies of Risky.
Get It On!
Get It On is... everything else! These tracks don't fit into any specific category or genre - as you'll understand after hearing the crazy funk-house of Funky Dead President. Promo 1st Jam is a classic house intro to the equally classic Mama. After that, Grace Renshaw stops by again to sing on the stunning Unravel. Fwunk makes it fwunky for a bit, and then it's into some atmospheric house with Say Fum-ba-ta. Russell talks about your VCR on Beatbox, and then there's 4-on-tha-floor afrobeat on Demregular Trademark. Now it's time to cool off with the droning synth and Dn'B clicks of Patterstorm. Degree 180 mixes a little big-beat with a little hip-hop, and then we revisit the theme on Patterstorm Redux. Bis Aria is a strange mix of Dn'B, dreams, and... something else, which leads neatly into to the pummeling bass line of The Theory of Live. Capping it all off is a lengthy drum and bass/hip-hop excursion I like to call Klee International. Get some good speakers or headphones, turn it up loud, and enjoy!

01. 180 promo (MP3, 5 MB)
02. Twizzler (MP3, 12.2 MB)
03. Discovery Park 01/03/04 (MP3, 9.2MB)
04. Edgewood (MP3, 10.2 MB)
05. Money Money (MP3, 6.9 MB)
06. One Nation (MP3, 10.2 MB)
07. Funky Indah (MP3, 11.5 MB)
08. Utrechtseweg 225 (MP3, 4.8 MB)
09. Wok Fry Me Some (MP3, 9.9 MB)
10. Rise (MP3, 9.6 MB)
11. Thrombosis (MP3, 9.2 MB)
12. Grinder (MP3, 9.4 MB)
13. Sick Dog ( MP3, 11.7 MB)

Download the entire album and cover art: Get Up (ZIP, 116.5 MB)

Get Up, Get Down, Get It On
album art only (PDF, 959 KB)

Get Down

01. Gammawrong (MP3, 7.5 MB)
02. Beat Down (MP3, 14.1 MB)
03. Leaves (MP3, 9.1 MB)
04. Bounce (MP3, 16.0 MB)
05. Roll Dub (MP3, 9.1 MB)
06. 3 Red Bags (MP3, 6.8 MB)
07. Comfort (MP3, 9.4 MB)
08. Spider Comfort (MP3, 10.3 MB)
09. Honey (MP3, 7.1 MB)
10. Van Gogh Clouds (MP3, 13.1 MB)
11. Tabaksplant (MP3, 10.7 MB)
12. Crystal Claire (MP3, 14.3 MB)
13. The Process of Doubt (MP3, 6.2 MB)
14. Risky (MP3, 5.9 MB)

Download the entire album and cover art: Get Down (ZIP, 137.5 MB)

Get It On
01. Funky Dead President (MP3, 11.9 MB)
02. Promo 1st Jam (MP3, 7.3 MB)
03. Mama (MP3, 8.6 MB)
04. Unravel (MP3, 7.8 MB)
05. Fwunk (MP3, 8 MB)
06. Say Fum-ba-ta (MP3, 14.8 MB)
07. Beatbox (MP3, 10.4 MB)
08. Demregular Trademark (MP3, 12.9 MB)
09. Patterstorm (16.5 MB)
10. Degree 180 (MP3, 8.5 MB)
11. Patterstorm Redux (MP3, 3.8 MB)
12. Bis Aria (MP3, 13 MB)
13. The Theory of Live (MP3, 4.8 MB)
14. Klee International (MP3, 10.1 MB)

Download the entire album and cover art: Get It On (ZIP, 135.6 MB)