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"Music is everywhere. Melody is everywhere. Rhythm is everywhere; which is awfully convenient, because it's the basis of everything I do. I guess I'm a natural percussionist. I used to get into trouble in school for drumming on the desk: when I'd get bored in class, I'd make up beats and tap them out. Anything can be a percussion instrument."

"Music is everywhere, all around us. It's all music. Hell, it's why I make music. I hear these melodies and rhythms in my head, and it's not anything I've heard before, so I figure I should write them down, record them, make them real."
Get Up, Get Down, Get It On

Dictator: the new drum n' bass EP from Fumbata.

Welcome to the dark side of Vote Fumbata. 5 tracks of pounding sub-bass, pummelling beats, and a level of creativity and diversity not often seen in the genre.

The Dictator has taken control.

Get Up, Get Down, Get It On

Vote Fumbata: the third full-length album from Fumbata.

On Fumbata's most ambitious undertaking to date, we are presented with a world in crisis: war, pollution, and base humanity threaten to overwhelm us, and we are forced to take action. But who will lead the fight?

One voice rises from the chaos. It rings clear and calm above funky beats and throbbing bass. It takes us by the hand, and leads us through wave after wave of sound, rhythm and tempo. It screams with us, fist in the air. But it also whispers in our ear: vote for peace, vote for hope.

Vote Fumbata for a better tommorrow.

Get Up, Get Down, Get It On

Get Up, Get Down, Get It On. The long-awaited sophomore release from Fumbata is nothing less than a monster: 3 albums, 42 tracks, comprising 4 years of unreleased material.

The Fumbata sound is still here, with layered, multi-rhythmic beats, pounding bass, and simple melodies, but Clay has grown up (and out) since the last release. This isn't standard electronica anymore. These tracks run the gamut from arena-sized bangers, to funky head-bobbers, to soothing downbeat lullabies. You'll hear drum n'bass, downbeat, big beat, hip-hop, funk, dub and industrial all thrown into the mix, sometimes all at the same time!

With so much variety, it's hard to know where to start. So, it's broken into three album-size chunks: Get Up starts things off with a bang, full of lively beats and throbbing bass. Get Down eases off a bit and dips into chill-out territory every now and then. Get It On is... well, everything else!

It's too much to describe here, so click on the image to the left to hear it for yourself!

On June 10, 2004, three Atlanta artists: Jonathan Bouknight, Edie Morton, and Julie Nellenback constructed a temporary installation interpreting the physical, cultural, or spiritual symbolism of gestation. Fumbata provided the soundtrack for the exhibition: a gently pulsating 30 minute track that imagines what it might sound like inside the womb.  
clay : alone  
The debut album from Fumbata, featuring cold winds rise, the theme song for Fusion TV.

Clay : Alone is dramatic, filled with the kind of icy passion that fuels good movies, novels, operas, and plays. The songs tell stories, get us hooked, and then swell to pulsing climaxes just before they twist into something entirely new and different. It is electronic music, inspired by the likes of Massive Attack, Talvin Singh, and Dieselboy, but it transcends all the annoying sub-genres of electronic music. Songs jump from drum n’ bass to downbeat, techno to jazz in a heartbeat, but never seem to lose the groove.

In fact, the music on Clay : Alone is dependent on the groove. The frenzied clicks and thumps of processed drums and the revolving growl of sub-bass are Fumbata’s meat and potatoes. The drums lead the way, the bass blasts out the tune, the melodies are sparse and simple, and everything else is icing on the cake.
It's just like it sounds, folks. Check here for the latest uploads, downloads, and downright funky stuff to tide you over until the next release.  
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Check out the Fumbata store at Cafepress.com for shirts, bags, lunch boxes and other Fumbata merchandise. And if you're not into MP3 thing, it's the only place where you can buy the CDs, already all put together...  
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